Access to a New Digital Asset Class

We create a bridge between cryptocurrency market technicians and conventional investors seeking non-correlated investment opportunities within the cryptocurrencies and blockchain sector. We offer:

  • Diversified active and passive vehicles
  • Easy access to a new exotic and alternative asset class, supported by safe custody
  • Established risk management and proprietary 'next generation' algorithmic risk factor models
CP25 Index:
  12,666.78 %
  2,847.52 %

* CryptAM 2018 Proprietary Data.

CryptAM Passive 25 Fund (CP25)

Own the market with this fund, a passively managed diversified basket portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

CryptAM Active Selection Fund (CAS)

Maximise reward with this fund, which ensures that you do not miss out on the highly idiosyncratic return opportunities the cryptocurrency market has to offer.

Securely storing your asset

We take the utmost care to protect your cryptocurrencies assets with use of state-of-art security systems and procedures, including multisignature protected cold storage.

A smart investment choice

We make investing in cryptocurrencies easy and convenient for you, by saving you the hassle to research on countless exchanges, coins and tokens, manage your own portfolio, and most importantly the risk of being hacked or phished.

Our Team

David Demmer+
Co-founder, CEO
Quit his Quant Job to do this, previously MD of Asset Allocation Aachen GbR
Kevin Loo+
Co-founder, Strategy Lead
Previously Associate Investment Director at Fidelity International
Mario Giangrande+
Previously Business Director & CFO at BASF (EMEA + APAC)
Zac Abrahami+
צחי אברהמי
Legal Lead
Management Consultant, Lawyer (ISR), Military Lt. (ISR)
Alasdair Pocock+
Research Analyst
Previously Research Analyst at Bayfield, MSc Real Estate Investment and Finance (HK)


Vaughn Chang+
25 years Asset Management
Head of Equities BEA Union (HK)
UBS (Asia)
Prudential UK (Asia)
Jupiter (Asia)
Dr. Woei Chan+
Head of Asian Quant Macquarie (HK)
Quant Portf Manager and Partner SAC (UK)
Director Blackrock (UK)
Dr. Joseph Wang+
Bitquant Science Laboratories
VP JP Morgan Chase (HK)
Machine Learning Developer
Quant. Developer
Michael Bucher+
Investor at Caldera Pacific
CFO Joshua Hellmann Foundation Orphan Disease
Director HSBC Trader All Options (Zug)
Jean Paul Eulaers+
Advisor to the Executive
Previously SVP NASDAQ (Dubai), VP JP Morgan (BE)
Kelvin Soo+
Crypto Asset Manager

Collaborative Partners

We are enrolled in the 'Cyberport Incubation Programme’ by Cyberport, wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR government. We are proud to be associated with such a highly competitive startup development programme, targeting Hong Kong's most promising fintech startups
We are working closely with Fund3, a US based cryptocurrency hedge fund that applies high-frequency machine learning to capitalize on the volatility of cryptocurrency markets.
Standard Kepler is Asia's leading blockchain financial services provider offering ICO advising, brokerage services, and market changing research insights. With all our teams and services being built around core blockchain engineering expertise we take great pride in being able to offer honest technical as well as financial insights for our clients. We believe our experience speaks for itself, with 18 successful ICOs raising a total of over US$480M to date