1W Return
+ 0 %
1M Return
+ 0 %


Management fee
2  %
Entry fee
0 %
Exit fee
0 %


Holding Index Weight
Bitcoin 33.25 %
Ether 23.25 %
Ripple 11.25 %
Bitcoin Cash 6.55 %
Cardano 3.55 %


The CryptAM Passive 25 Fund (CP25) represents the best possible cryptocurrency market exposure in respect of its historical back-tested performance and risk parameters. Each CP25 fund unit offers instant diversification to the top 25 cryptocurrency assets. This product is available to professional investors only.

About Fund manager

CryptAM provides diversified, active and passive cryptocurrency portfolio management andanalytics platform solutions. We pioneer and integrate our own proprietary ‘next generation’ algorithmic risk factor models alongside recognized and well established financial methods in order to offer a unique investment service. 

CryptAM provides access to a variety of managed digital asset investment solutions, whether you are familiar with blockchain technology or not. 

We create a bridge between cryptocurrency market technicians and conventional investors seeking non correlated investment opportunities.

Fund strategy

CryptAM Passive 25 Fund (CP25) is a unique cryptocurrency portfolio, investing into the highly capitalised (circulated market cap) and most liquid (traded volume) cryptocurrencies and tracks the CryptAM Passive 25 Index, a well-defined cryptocurrency market index, published by the CryptAM Index division of the CryptAM’s Holdings family. Details of the quantitative Index construction approach can be found in the CDAIM (CryptAM Digital Asset Index Methodology) document. A cryptocurrency is a decentralized and secure digital value transfer whose creation is controlled by cryptography. Cryptocurrencies are not issued by central banks and their value typically does not depend on a centralised policy makers. The cryptocurrencies which are not Bitcoin are called Altcoins, such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and ~1300 other opportunities.