1W Return
+ 0 %
1M Return
+ 0 %


Management fee
2  %
Entry fee
0 %
Exit fee
0 %


Holding Index Weight
Ether 27.00 %
Bitcoin 23.00 %
Ripple 15.00 %
Bitcoin Cash 7.00 %
Litecoin 4.00 %


The CryptAM Active Selection Fund (CAS) applies a multi-strategy approach in order to navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market. The strategy represents the best optimised cryptocurrency market exposure, high conviction selection and short term downside protection. All positions are risk managed and are informed by where our team conducts deep fundamental and quantitative research. This product is available to Professional Investors only.

About Fund manager

CryptAM provides diversified, active and passive cryptocurrency portfolio management and analytics platform solutions. We pioneer and integrate our own proprietary ‘next generation’ algorithmic risk factor models alongside recognized and well established financial methods in order to offer a unique investment service. We provide easy access to a variety of managed digital asset investment solutions, whether you are familiar with blockchain technology or not. 

We create a bridge between cryptocurrency market technicians and conventional investors seeking non correlated investment opportunities.

Fund strategy

We aim to offer clients’ the best opportunities to generated return from the cryptocurrency markets for optimised levels of risk. CryptAM Active Selection Fund (CAS) is a unique actively managed cryptocurrency product. We apply a long term “Quantamental” investment approach, which combines Quantitative and Fundamental analysis.

Firstly, driven by a quantitative framework that is optimised to deliver efficient market exposure, we access the highly capitalised (circulated market cap) and most liquid (traded volume) cryptocurrencies.

Secondly, given Blockchain related digital assets are at the early stages of development cryptocurrency experience numerous opportunities to benefit from asymmetrical mispricing. We look to actively trade select coins and protocols, should an investment have a reasonable margin of safety and significant upside potential we will actively position the portfolio to benefit.

Finally, guided by our “Quantamental” approach, we look to protect the downside risks of investing into cryptocurrency by deploying an overlay to hedge the portfolio downside, aiming to limit losses in the short term.

The CryptAM Active Selection Fund (CAS) combines the above strategies into an unique investment strategy that is able to deliver superior risk adjusted returns, smoothing an investors performance profile, and is well placed to navigate the hyper-growth digital asset market.